Electric Avenue, Museums Quartair, Vienna, 2014

“Electrickle" is portmanteau word derived from the words electricity and trickle.

The active installation “Electrickle” makes use of ordinary materials such as light bulbs, water, electricity and sounds combined in a way to create a playful tension. The work is activated by the presence of the viewer, forming a reciprocal relationship. In “Electrickle,” water seems to imitate cable, creating the illusion of electricity flowing through the water. “Electrickle” follows the trajectory of previous works “Liquid Light” (2009), “Clepsichord” (2012), and “Narcissus” (2013) which demonstrate similar material and conceptual themes of presence and interaction.





presented at:

•Electric Avenue of Museums Quartair (2014)

•November Music Week in S'Hertogensbosch (2014)

•group exhibition WonderLab in Museum of Contemporary Art ov Vojvodina, Novi Sad (May 2015)