Unspoken Truth

Audio installation for toilets, smoking room and hallway of Art et Amicitiae
6 audio tracks narrated by Noah Voelker.

The articles are taken from BBC news portal, in which only locations were changed. In this way, event in Iraq became event in Norway, one from Malawi is placed in Romania, bomb attack from Syria was placed in Portugal. 
The work highlights the difference in our reactions dependent on proximity of the event. 


1  Belgium - Syria chemical 'attack': What we know (BBC)  
2   Portugal - Afghan suicide mosque attacks kill scores of worshippers (BBC)
3   Czech Republic -  Andrej Babis: The populist billionaire who could lead the Czech Republic (BBC) 
4   Romania - Malawi cracks down on 'vampire' lynch mobs (BBC)
5   Denmark - Raids continue over Sarajevo; Bosnian Serbs may be yielding (CNN) 
6   Norway - Kirkuk: Iraqi forces capture key sites from Kurds(BBC) 

Het Mysterie van de Waarheid, the group exhibition curated by Arjen Lancel en Merel Noorlander, happened at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam from 4 to 10 November 2017
Participating artists: Josefin Arnell, Jasper de Beijer, Thought Collider, Max Dovey, Victor Engbers, Agi Haines, Floris Kaayk, Gert Jan Kocken, Mirko Lazović, Jeroen van Loon, Allard Medema, Jochen Mühlenbrink, MOHA, Marijn Ottenhof, Jakob Proyer, Ronald Snijders, Rutger de Vries, Leanne Wijnsma.