Liquid Light

Liquid Light, photo by Mirjana Vrbaški

Interactive video is beamed on the water surface, covered with a thin layer of oil.
Below the water surface is a 12 channel audio system that supports the almost physical appearance of light beams floating inside the water basin, while following the movements around the basin.
This work was presented at the exhibition Epicentrum, Stichting Centrum in The Hague and as the part of the solo exhibition "Wnile Staring at..." In gellery 12 HUB in Belgrade.


"... “Liquid Light” flows across the floor space in the form of a rectangular shallow pool, suggesting that the entire work is a slice of something much larger and longer, like train tracks, or perhaps, a river. It is a sample of something indefinite, or, in the words of French designer and theorist Bernard Cache, a “cut” in the sense of a sample and as isolation-abstraction. Lazović has designed the installation so that the presence of bodies will activate undulating colored patterns and rhythmic mechanical sounds that resonate throughout the interior. The aspect of spatial positioning, if recognized, becomes a collaborative creative process when more than one person is near the work. Bodies begin to relate to one another and to the work, composing together in light and sound, as presences...."

text by Marianna La Rosa Maruyama