Concert of Angels

Concert of Angels, photo by Ricki van der Tas

The interactive audio/video installation. This work is based around panels of the Isenheim altarpiece,painted by the German painter Matthias Grunewald from 16. ct. The singing angels from that piece have been transformed into hairy glowing orbs that have the appearance of aureoles. Compositional elements, colors and hierarchy are replaced from the painting and treated through the use of reflective means. Music is performed according to notes performed by angels on actual painting.

Creatures are floating through a three round screens on the floor, they are calm and silent, until they "notice" somebody’s presence, then they appear closer to the surface, brighter and louder following spectator. The more people are present, the more figures will float and sound will be more intensive. Creatures are following people, but they also have their own behaviour, so it is hard to predict how exactly they will move, or if they will react. The element of randomness should help in giving the impression of playful living beings existing in the space below the floor. Hierarchy is only strict element, so harmony in sound is created with first three appearances, after which sound gets more complex and more aggressive.

Six-channel audio system creates stronger felling of physical presence.

Software created in MaxMsp/Jitter with great help of Nenad Popov

Sounds were played on cello and recorded by Wen Chin Fu

Presented at:

Zaal5, Filmhuis The Hague, June 2008.

Royal Academy in The Hague, July 2008.

 Sign gallery, Groningen, October 2008. 

This work is supported with  PRO Subsidy STROOM Den Haag