This work simulates a jump off a building. One experiences the sensation of the fall by stepping between two screens, above and below his or her own body. A video of an actual fall appears on the screens. The upper screen displays a clip of the sky going higher, while the lower one shows a clip of the ground coming closer and bigger. Both of these projections are synchronized, and they are forming an illusive ambient experience. The viewer can step on the lower screen and "feel" the downfall.

Maybe I won't be around

While reading the official medical texts, it is not hard to realiise that everyone could be identified as a mental patient, these texts are mostly rigid but incredibly sharp. Strong concerns in those texts, to identify someone with suicide are, in general, like: job loss, depression, ephemeral failure, breaking the relationship, etc. Psychiatrists have the power to put anyone in so many categories of high-risk suicidal factor. I presented statements, facts and threatening messages from sociological archives and show them together with a dreamlike vision of self-death.

Gloomy Sunday


"Gloomy Sunday" is the title of a song from the 1930's made by Hungarian poet Rezsô Seress. The song was forbidden in Hungary because it had the reputation for being a 'suicide song'. Many people had taken their lives after listening to the haunting melody; sometimes the lyrics were part of their last letters.